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Upper Valley Hearing & Balance, Inc. is Troy's only full service audiology practice. Drs. Rudy, Lins, and Mercer offer a combined history of over 40 years practicing audiology in the greater Miami Valley community. We provide comprehensive hearing care including hearing assessments, rehabilitation, education, and counseling. We also fit and dispense the lastest technologically-advanced hearing instruments and related devices to suit all types of hearing loss and life styles. All hearing aids are fitted on a trial basis to ensure your complete satisfaction before purchase. Please refer to the hearing testing page of our website to view our full range of services.

We are located in a beautifully-renovated office in Stanfield Place, 31 Stanfield Road, Troy, OH, with patient-friendly parking and elevator access. We are pleased to provide comprehensive audiological evaluation and treatment, as well as vestibular evaluation, in one convenient location.

Please feel free to ask your physician about us, and again enjoy our website as you learn more about the wonderful gift of hearing. Thank you.

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Drs. Rudy Lins & Mercer! Thank you Miami County for making us your first choice in hearing care.

Tips for Better Hearing

If you are one of the 38 million people in the United States with hearing loss, being with loved ones can be downright frustrating. Between the family dinners,  parties, and cocktail events, many people who may live quieter lifestyles are suddenly thrown into very noisy and extremely challenging listening situations.

Here are some better-hearing tips to help you.

Dine Strategically

It is important to think about the best place to hear when selecting a seat at dinner. Try sitting at the end of a table; that way there are fewer conversations happening on either side of you that are difficult to follow. Also, try to position yourself away from the loudest noises in the environment. Yes, the band may be playing your favorite  tune, but the farther away you are from it, the better you will hear the person next to you. Dining in small groups will also allow better communication.

Be Assertive

Don’t be afraid to remind family or other loved ones about your hearing loss. By doing this, everyone will be working to help you enjoy the conversation. Additionally, if you need the background music or television turned down (or off), be sure to mention it to your host so you can more fully enjoy everyone’s company. Finally, don’t nod in agreement if you didn’t understand what someone said — be sure to ask for clarification!

Be Prepared

For those who have hearing aids, make sure they are in tip-top shape before you get to your event. Heading to your granddaughter’s Christmas concert? Be sure you’ve replaced your devices’ batteries, done routine daily cleaning, and had recent professional maintenance to ensure top performance.

Don’t Stress

Hearing in noise can be difficult even for people with normal hearing. Staying calm will ensure that your mind is staying on task and taking all the necessary steps to help you hear the best you can. By paying too much attention to every word said, people can often miss the whole picture of what’s being communicated. If you are going to have important conversations, try to have them in a quiet, well-lit environment, facing the person you want to talk with.

Know How You’re Hearing

Do you struggle to hear clearly in background-noise situations? When was the last time you had your hearing checked? Having your hearing tested and discussing the possible treatment solutions is the first (and most important) step to better hearing for the holidays. More than 15 million people with hearing loss avoid seeking help for their hearing. With today’s advanced, nearly invisible hearing technology, there has never been a better time to look at options. Consider the gift of better hearing as a present to yourself (and probably to those around you!).

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